George Wolfaardt was born in Namibia in 1949 and grew up in Zimbabwe
(then Rhodesia) and South Africa. Taking up the guitar in 1965, he changed one year later to the electric bass which he has considered his main instrument ever since.

Performing in various bands in South Africa during the late sixties gave him the opportunity to gain the necessary experience. In 1970 he recorded with the progressive ‘ABSTRACT TRUTH’ group playing, in addition to the electric bass, drums, flute , and writing and singing several of the songs on the album ‘Silver Trees’. The album has recently been re-released as a CD. Many of the recordings he worked on at the time are released by Third Ear Music in South Africa. These recordings feature musicians such as Anton Fig, (currently with the David Letterman Show), Sean Bergin, and many others.

During the seventies he toured as a bass player with, among others, the celebrated American poet / songwriter Rod McKuen, British keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman, (ex ‘YES’), British singer/songwriter Chris Andrews and the famous British entertainer Max Bygraves. Following three years in Great Britain with Nicky Daly and his own music projects he returned to South Africa to begin a successful career as a studio musician recording with many of South Africa’s top artists as a bassist, arranger and producer.

In 1986 he emigrated to France where he settled in Paris, his home to this day. Since establishing himself in Europe he has worked with various African musicians as a bassist and arranger. He has also worked with, among others, Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath and the expatriate South African drummer Louis Maholo.

With American guitarist Micheal O’Neil he formed ‘The Rubato Brothers’ and recorded several albums.

As a songwriter he has written a great many songs in various styles.

Bass & Music by George