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4 août 2021 18:03

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Contacts and information concerning organisations and musicians in every part of France



The Forum for discussion, exchange of ideas regarding traditional music and dance

All the dates and venues of concerts, festivals and music clinics all over



You are looking for sheet music, selling an instrument or you want to meet musicians and dancers...

How do you find dates and venues of concerts, festivals and music clinics anytime and anywhere in France ?
How do you contact groups, luthiers, musicians, or place an ad ?... The answer ... Musictrad

In Musictrad'site you will find : the Actualités (news from trad. Music) the Trad'Bottin in wich groups and organisations can take out membership, the Concert Calendrier where one can annonce dates of events, Forum, the Annonces.... and, les groupes de Musictrad !
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